Mitchell Graye

   Mitchell Graye’s interest in storytelling began as a small boy playing with objects which he “humanized” and cast as characters in fantasies that he would play out with them. His desire to write began while taking required literature courses at Baruch College while attaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration.  Graye  held a variety of positions in the financial world such as Audit Manager in a prestigious, international C.P.A. firm, and Chief Financial Officer of a media conglomerate, giving him a close-up view of how things worked (and  didn’t work), and a perch from where he could observe the behavior patterns of many people on multiple rings of the corporate ladder.

   Graye began writing novels, short stories, nonfiction, poetry and comedy fifteen years ago to fulfill the need to use the other side of his brain; however, the more than full-time demands of his financial career kept his side passion as just that, on the side, until now.

   Graye enrolled in several fiction writing classes when he first decided to pursue that interest. He also took several acting classes, knowing that similar principles are taught pertaining to developing characters, and he wanted to explore another perspective while also having fun with a bunch of extraverted people. “I was a terrible actor,” he says. “Too stiff because I was usually worried about remembering the lines. It made me really appreciate professional actors.” Other related classes included both sitcom and stand-up comedy writing. Graye, always interested in what makes people tick, has also taken several psychology courses.

   Mitchell Graye’s approach to writing fiction is to visualize the characters and scenery, and then let his “cast” perform in an improvisational manner. When he hears what they are saying (in his head), he writes it down… the old fashioned way, with a pen and pad, and later, once satisfied, he types the results. “I have to see my characters move around, and hear them talk in the physical location I have placed them. I’m not able to do that if my focus is on a keyboard or a monitor. Sometimes, I find myself laughing out loud when they say or do something funny.”

   In Return To Go, Mitchell Graye’s first published novel, he draws upon his knowledge of the financial world to present  the backdrop of cutthroat corporate politics and corruption; as well as his keen observation of human behavior, and sharp sense of humor. It all plays out in the primary story and subplots, as well as the interactions between his compelling characters.

   Mitchell Graye’s next novel, Truth Be Told, deals with big stakes corruption at the highest corporate level. Watch for the publication during the second half of 2012. 

Where can I get it?

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